Carbohydrate Hangover

I am so hungover!!  totally fatigued, dopey, drowsy and ready to curl up for a nap at 3pm in the afternoon!   I know what you’re thinking–’this girl has problems, Intervention-time anyone?’  lol.

Its not alcohol that has me spinning,  no siree….I’m suffering a Carbohydrate Hangover and I am food drunk!

A carbo what? Yup, I am bagged.  Its been a pretty emotional week for me, further aggravated by mother nature knocking at my door.  So, what’s a girl to do?, BAKE COOKIES!  Mmmm comforting Oatmeal Chocolate Chip oooey goooey cookies.

Those SWEET & SUGARY delicousness in a bite = CARBS

Carbohydrates purpose are to supply the body & brain with energy.  BUT, eating the wrong types like simple carbs (think table sugar, candy) OR too many  complex carbs (think whole-grains, Quinoa) will equally have drunk-like effects in the body.

Carbohydrates produce a rise in blood sugar followed by an insulin reaction.  In other words, as I gobbled down 4….okay 5, maybe 6 cookies my blood sugar level rose rapidly–insulin is released in response and acts to ‘burn off’ some of the sugar by moving it into the cells to be metabolized and/or stored.  Too much sugar caused my body to go on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs…Clearly I didn’t need 8 cookies (lol)…ALL at once.  My body couldn’t move the copious amount of sugar in my blood fast enough and thus I end up with Carbohydrate Hangover.

Much like your traditional hangover remedy:  lots of water, ride it out and self-reassurance such as ‘I’ll never do that again!’

So, tomorrow, come sneak a peak at the gym…Not hard to miss me, I’ll be the carb-loaded crazy girl running to burn it off….mach-speed! ha ha

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